The Philippines Penpals Club
Please read and carry out the instructions carefully.

Thank you for your enquiry, you can now print this profile sheet. Would you kindly fill in this form as instructed. These are the details that will be given to the men who have become members of our penpals club, and are interested in correspondence and possibly marriage.

We keep a copy of your profile sheet on file, and if you are not successful first time, you can send further photographs to be given to our newer members. If you do this, just explain in a letter to us.

Photographs - Use your photographs to best advantage, to define your bust, waistline, hips and legs. Wear casual or smart clothing and two or three photographs if you can. The photograph must be clear, glossy and in colour because this is the first impression. We will continue to do this until you write or email to us and say that you no longer wish any new penfriends.  Please write on the back of your photographs, which should be no larger than 16cm x 11cm.

Correspondence - It is very important that you respond to any correspondence that you may receive, even if it is only to say that you are not interested. Please write or print your profile clearly because these will be copied and sent to any suitable penfriends as possible, so you may have a good choice.

Profile - The more flexible you are the greater your choice of penpals, but if you truly are not intersted in men over a certain age, then do not include them.

Religion - Most English men write Church of England on applications but are not strictly religious.

Smoking  & Drinking - Most men drink socially and more smoke than do not. So asking for a non drinking man, will lower your chance of success.

           Please fill in the membership application form or email and send it to us at the address below

         If you require further membership application forms, please write to us at the address below and state the number of forms you require. Altenatively you may print  and photocopy the forms.

Hillcroft, Opposite Pentle Drive
SA69 9BH
United Kingdom

Application Form