The way to Pagsanjan falls

As many as 700 tourists visit the town of Pagsanjan daily. This shoots up to 1,000 in summer - cool Pagsanjan
     which is an hourís drive from Manila. It boasts of lush scenery and exhilarating boat rides for those who love
     taking risks as well as communing with nature.

     Situated 102 kilometers southeast of Manila, the tranquility of Pagsanjan town is bounded by the Municipality of
     Lumban in the north, the Municipality of Cavinti in the south, the Grand Canyon of the province of Laguna in the
     east, and the municipalities of Sta. Cruz and Magdalena in the west.

     Today it buzzes with life owing to local and foreign tourists coming in and enjoying the sight of the rumbling

                                                     Resort Hotel, across PCenter

Pagsanjan Falls

This tour takes you to the vast countryside southwards, passing through rice fields & coconut plantations until you reach the old town of Pagsanjan. From a riverside resort, transfer to a "banca" (a dugout canoe) for the trip to the falls: As your boatman starts rowing upstream, the wonders of nature unfolds before you. The sight of lush greety & towering cliffs above will thrill you endlessly. At the falls, you may opt to ride a bamboo raft that will take you underneath the waterfalls to experience the thunderous pounding of water coming down. Your return trip is another unforgettable & exciting experience as you "shoot the rapids"! Your boatman will skillfully maneuver the boat between the rocks & boulders until you reach the calm river of Pagsanjan. Lunch follows at a riverside lodge