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 Date: 01 March 2003 07:06am
First Name: Suzanne
Last Name: Gyseman
Website url: www.suzannegyseman.co.uk
Country: United Kingdom
Message: It is lovely to see such beautiful pictures of the Phillipines, and to read the informative, interesting text.
         Date: 09 March 2003 06:48am
First Name: Dorie
Last Name: Salindo
Address: 1547 Morton St. Alameda CA.94501
Country: USA
Message: Hi! Im from Bitaug Enrique Villanueva Siquijor. My mother is the late Filimona Magsalay & and my father is Sabas Magdali. Kumusta na lang !!!

     Date: 06 November 2003 03:26am
First Name: Faith
Last Name: Campitelli
Address: Sydney, Australia
Country: Australia
Message: Greetings from Sydney, Australia hello to everybody in Talingting, especially to Abel Paling, regards from your sister Perla. Also, to Raul & Charles Padayhag, Nang Nenen Lozano and Genie Paling in Larena, take care and God Bless..... Nice website, hoping for an update on local news and goss.
 Date: 22 November 2003 05:17am
 First Name: Bel
 Last Name: Finn
 Country: USA
Email: belkfinn@bellsouth.net
Message: Hi Luz! congratulations for making my hometown a website. You really did a good job of the picture of the Municipality of Enrique Villanueva. I was very surprised when I was surfing the links of mysiquijor.com and I found your website with your picture. I didn't waste my time to let you know how proud I am of you for doing it. By the way, I'm from Talingting, came from the Kilat/Bongoyan clan if you ever heard about it. I have some relatives in Bita-ug too. I left the Philippines in 1986 to Florida unti the year 1995 and move here in North Carolina until now. It's a very nice and beautiful place to live. I hope to hear any news back there in our town if there is something new. Keep up the good work.
    Date: 07 December 2003 21:53pm
First Name: Vanjing
Last Name: Gallaher
Address: TX, USA
Country: USA
Message: Hi,Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures taken in different places in our country. I tried to jot down my url but it won't fit in your box. So, here: http://www.usphilippineconnection.com. Good luck and have a great day.
            Date: 24 April 2004 02:57am
First Name: Bel
Last Name: Finn
Country: USA
Email: belkfinn@bellsouth.net
Message: Hello Luz,
It's me again, Bel from Talingting. I lost your response on signing on your guestbook when my husband clean up my computer to removeb all the pop up in it. All I can remember on it was your asking me when was the last time we visited back home and when do we go back there again. Well, the last time we went there was in summer of 2001, and maybe this coming summer we will visit there again. How about you Luz? Are you planning of going back there soon? By the way, I view and read all the emails from your guest people of your website and some of your guest sounds familiar to me and my relatives too, the Kilat from Bita-ug. Iya Presca is one of my relative, but I don't know any of her children. Linda Kilat is the daughter of Iya Miguela Iyo Dosoy's daughter a half brother of my Father. Anyhow, how are you and your family doing? Where do you live? How many children do you have? You really did a good job of your website. Keep up the good work. That's all for now. Hope to hear from you. Have a good weekend. Take care.
       Date: 05 July 2004 21:38pm
First Name: Abner
Last Name: Pakilit
Address: Las vegas, Nevada
Country: USA
Email: amptoo@hotmail.com
 Message: I grew up in Talingting ... your website is kind a informational .... would like to know more about Bitaug's progress since '70's
      Date: 15 July 2004 15:58pm
First Name: Maricar
Last Name: Grupe
Address: Makati City
Country: Philippines
Email: cgrupe27@yahoo.com
Message: Hi everyone, I would like to get n' touch with my old friends . I've been trying to find ways on how to reach them...THANK GOD for this WEBSITE...( hi to the PEscante family, Tacang's, Lagudas and especially to my lola Gliceria Katada, Tita Jojo Katada and Tata)
   Date: 19 August  2004 14:23pm
First Name: Arthur
Last Name: Tangcalagan
Address: 33 Signal Hill Cagayan de Oro City
Country: Philippines
Message: Hi I think my family is from Siquijor. I just want to trace my roots...thanks and god bless Siquijor!!!
    Date: 29 November 2004 02:44am
First Name: Reigh
Last Name: Monreal
Address: Loon, Bohol
Website url:www.loon.gov.ph
Country: Philippines
Email: reighmonreal@hotmail.com

Message: Hi, Luz! Thanks for not forgetting your Loonanon roots. There are a lot more Loonanons in Siquijor, mostly businessmen. Please visit the Loon website at  www.loon.gov.ph to know how great the town of your Lolo is.  Thanks and regards!

     Date: 01 December 2004 09:08am
First Name: Arthur
Last Name: Casiño
Address: Iligan City
Country: Philippines
Email: artcasi@yahoo.com

                                                                                              Date:10 March  2005 1:32am
First Name: Yekiam
Last Name: Kwan
Address: Houston, TX
Country: USA
Email: yekiam@qzip.net
Message: Hello kaninyo diha sa Siquijor,I work in the Post Office here and met Vilma Mirasol-Canoy who is from San Juan, Siq. (Her father was formerly mayor of Sn. Juan) I became very interested in the island's history. Although I am from Dumaguete, I just heard stories about the island. Looking for someone who I can correspond via email. I hope to visit the island soon.
Thanks for the website.

                                                                                              Date: 25 March 2005 1:20pm
First Name: Bruce
Last Name: Sprauge
Address: Christ church
Country: New Zealand
Email: marithes.m@clear.net.nz
Message: Well done, excellent work and a delightful write up on a beautiful Island. Lets all try to keep Siquijor unspoilt and beautiful, it must be the most friendliest place in the whole of the Philippines.

                                                                                               Date: 26 March 2005 11:27am
First Name: Mario
Last Name: Estevanez
Address: KSA
Country: USA
Email: ehmaico_2364@yahoo.com.sg
Message: Its a beautiful someday i'll be there....

                                                                                             Date: 08 June 2005 05:28am
First Name: Maria Fe Ababao
Last Name: Kim
Address: 272-4 Seoburi Koesan Eup Koesan Gun Chungbuk S.Korea
Country: South Korea
Email: mariafe@empal.com

                                                                                             Date: 16 June 2005 04:38am
First Name: Ninaw
Last Name: de Leon
Address: QC Mla
Website url: http://www.geocities.com/csundita/filipiniana/rplanguages.html
Country: Philippines
Email: llll@llll.lll
Message: Pakibasa itong article. Mukhang nalilito ka kasi sa kahulugan ng languages at dialects.

                                                                                              Date:16 June 2005 16:59pm
First Name: John
Last Name: Leonor
Address: Vienna City
Country: Austria
Email: johnleonor@gmail.com
Message: Hi, I'm from Austria far away from home. I have my final exams tomorrow and just look around through the net and I was looking for some facts about Phillipines, this site is really good, but you should use a diffrent font color because the white isn't that good. holla at you kababayan!!!

                                                                                            Date: June 20, 2005 8:30am
First Name: Tore
Last Name: Jordal
Address: 2832 Nielson Road, Pinon Hills Ca 92372
Country: USA
Email: torejordal@verizon.net
Message: I love your site with very nice and good information.

                                                                                              Date: June 23, 2005 10:55am
First Name: Denver
Last Name: Batisanan
Address: Koronadal City, Philippines
Country: Philippines
Email: bobson143@yahoo.com
Message: Very nice site! I'm proud to be a Pilipino because Philippines has many treasure to be proud.

                                                                              Date:July 28, 2005 5:52am
First Name: Bel
Last Name: Finn
Address: North Carolina
Country: USA
Email: inday@nc.rr.com
Message: Hello Luz! How are you? This is Bel again. I just stop by and view your website to see if there's something new. Did you visit back toSiquijor lately? We went back there last year. It was very nice to see our homeland and families again. Take care. Hope to hear from you soon.

                                                                                   Date:Aug 12, 2005 20:09pm
First Name: Julita
Last Name: Rizalda
Address: 40338 Condon St, Fremont
Country: USA
Email: jcrkenzo90@yahoo.com
Message:Hi Luz, have a good day. I'm just dropping by. God bless you.

                                                                             Date: September 1, 2005 08:49am
First Name: Obyot
Last Name:  Pakilit
Address: NewYorkCity
Country: USA
Email: arniepakilit@yahoo.com
Message: Luz, I wonder if you have the time and patience to update me about Talingting, please--I was looking for your email thanks daghang salamat day--when I get the chance to be in Bitaug I will try to meet you, again thanks..

                                                                                       Date: October 04, 2005 3:56pm
First Name: Jannette
Last Name: Ligutom
Address: Ms Crystal Symphony  Cruise Line
Country: Philippines
Email: jannetteligutom@yahoo.com
Message: Hi I am Jannette, my father is from Lazi, Siquijor he is Eligido Ligutom, son of the late Teofilo Ligutom. I love Siquijor, for me it is one of the best place in the world.

                                                                                   Date:October 22, 2005 22:44pm
First Name: Leilani Joy
Last Name: Palahang
Country: USA
Email:leilani joie@yahoo.com
Message:: Hey...wats up you guys there in Bitaug, Enrique Villanueva Siquijor.It's really nice to those beautiful places in Siquijor.I feel I'm homesick again.I miss all the people over there especially my relatives. I'm having fun when I was there Tagayy!!! with my friends ... so guys see you soon!!! take care and god bless you all.

                                                                              Date: November 04, 2005 11:14pm
First Name: Jonjun
Last Name: Larot
Address: Sacramento, CA
Country: USA
Email: gilbert@usamicrocraft.com
Message: thank you for having that live filipino station, I listen to it everyday and makes me feel at home.

                                                                              Date: November 05, 2005 8:56am
First Name: Lilibeth
Last Name: Thomas
Address: Hampshire
Country: United Kingdom
Email: Nebeth@aol.com
Message: I am from Saguing, Maria, Siquijor and am the youngest daughter of Miguel and Arsing Sumalpong.  My husband and myself have been residing in England for over 10 years.  I am a College Lecturer in one of the colleges in Hampshire, England, UK.  Also, am studying for a masters degree at University of Portsmouth.My husband and myself are planning to go home to Saguing next year 2006 to attend our parents 55 wedding anniversary.

                                                                     Date: November 06, 2005 08:22am
First Name: Phebe
Last Name: Lapinig
Country: USA
Email: cutesweetpinai@yahoo.com
Message: I know some people in the picture.  I really miss the island.

                                                                            Date: December 10,2005 08:46am
First Name: Luis
Last Name: Enriga
Country: USA
Email:  lendriga@yahoo.com
Message:  Thank you for all information and the history that I read from your website.

                                                                            Date: January 04 2006 8:12am
First Name: Matet
Last Name: Cailing
Address: Bobontugan Jasaan MisamisOriental
Country: Philippines
 Message: This website is cool, I mean nice but please add more pictures about Iligan specifically Buru-un.............. thanks..

                                                                            Date: January 06, 2006 9:40am
First Name: Zamina
Last Name: Sabenecio
Address: c/o Saga Travel,Velez-Mabini Sts., front of city central,CDOC
Country: Philippines
Email: zsabenecio@yahoo.com
Message: Can you give me information of Maria Christina Falls? I need it tommorrow before 12:00 pm.

                                                                       Date:  January 11, 2006 11:30pm
 First Name: Edsel
Last Name: Otao
Address: Bolot Enrique Villanueva Siquijor
Url: www.worldgate.com.sa
Country: Saudia Arabia
Email: msm@worldgate.com.sa
Message: I would like to send you a great thanks for your attention into our province of Siquijor. Which is my blood line is come from our beloved province that I'll never forget of my youngest days. However I would be appreciated if we can creat a good income into our province and we can give a job. Especially that I heard that until now we don't have a market in our town, we want to focus on this. However when I go in vacation I want to visit in our town and what could I give an idea into our mayors or Governador. Once again thank you, Edsel Otao

                                                                     Date:  January 12, 2006 4:15am
First Name: Jim and Rosemina
Last Name: Hollifield
Address: 5403 11th Street South   Lipscomb, Alabama   35020  U. S. A.
Country: USA
Email: Jimmyhollifield@bellsouth.net
Message: Thanks for the good site. I have been seeking a site that would assist me in learning Cebuano. If you have any other good learning sites I would attempt to use them. My wife is attempting to teach me but I am a slow learner. She is from Bislig. Thanks again.

                                                                            Date: February 19, 2006 3:12am
First Name: Jonjun
Last Name: Larot
Address:Sacramento, Ca
Country: USA
Email: laiza252@yahoo.com
Message: No updates yet?

                                                                                 Date: March 13, 2006 1:15 am
Name: Elder
Last Name: Ben
Address: No 7 Cliphord Avenue
Country: United Kingdom
Email: Elder4real2004@yahoo.com
Message: Hi your site is cool I enjoy it !

                                                                              Date: April 01, 2006 3:13am
First Name: Eduard
Last Name: Tedlos
Address: Talingting, Siquijor
Country: Philippines
Email: edtedlos@hotmail.com
Message: Hello to all my friends and relatives in this island of fire.

                                                                             Date: April 01, 2006 14:16pm
First Name: Liza
Last Name: Serga
Address: 653287
Country: USA
Email:  liza.s@gmail.com
Message: Good site. The answer

                                                                             Date: June 02, 2006 09:16 am
First Name: Roy
Last Name: Bautista
Address: Peping Gamo St, Negros Oriental
Post Code: 06221
Country: Philippines
Email: vantex_roy@yahoo.com
Message:  Siquijor is beautiful island.

                                                                              Date: June 02 2006 17:09 pm
First Name: Ejay
Last Name: Tangcalagan
Address: C-1122 Sampaloc Dr. Lower Calarian ,Zamboanga city
Post Code: 7000
Country: Philippines
Email: efrenjayt@yahoo.com
Message: Mabuhay Siquijor!!!!!! sO eaGer to Trace my descendants in this part of the Country,Guess Narciso Tangcalagan (d 1st pres. of siquijor was my great grand pa).Aloha! Viva siquijor! estar buenamente y alegre na bonito lugar diaton,ARIBA siquijor!!!!

                                                                              Date: June 16, 2006 8:21 pm
First Name: Leif
Last Name: Marcusson
Address: Evedalsv.6  Farjestaden
Post Code: 38635
Country: Sweden
Email: macki.evedal@telia.com
Message: Lovely photos of a lovely country. I want to spend my life in Philippines, maybe I go there now again and never go back to Sweden. Leif

                                                                               Date: July 24, 2006 12:13 pm
First Name: Rolando Faisal
Last Name: Reyes
Address: San Pedro, Laguna
Post Code : 31971
Country: Philippines
Email: rareyes50@yahoo.com
Message: Hoping that all your effort will succeed and hoping that someday I will meet you personally I am far from the Philippines. I am working in Al-Khobar Saudi Arabia see you soon.

                                                                               Date: August 16, 2006 8:02 pm
First Name: John
Last Name: Sherry
Post Code:
Country: USA
Email: jsherry00@hotmail.com
Message: Hi, wonderful pictures, especially like the piece on Iligan. You really capture the essence of the place and its people in Siquijor. The little kindergarten school in Iligan would sure be proud if next time you are passing through, you might drop in and take a picture or two of the youngsters learning. The website is
http://biblebaptistchurchiligan.spaces.live.com/ Keep up the amazing work!

                                                                               Date: September 26, 2006 8:52 pm
First Name: Edsel
Last Name: Otao
Address: Bolot Enrique Villanueva Siquijoir
Post Code : Riyadh 64212
Country: Saudia Arabia
Email: msm@worldgate.com.sa
Message: Hi! Luz it me again Edsel, I would like to regards all my classmate in high school including best teacher Ms. Day and Hi! to all my classmate and co-love life before (To all the Girls I Love Before)